International Certification Program

Інститут Блу МаунтинНовиниInternational Certification Program
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International Certification Program

Dr. Shan-Tung Hsu, Chinese Fengshui Master, Founder and Director of Blue Mountain Institute (Seattle, USA), will held a 2015 International Certification Program (retreat) in Belarus June 13 – June 22

The retreat will take place in Belarus, in the picturesque Narochansky National Park on the wonderful lake Narach.

Lake Narach – the largest lake in Belarus – is the gem of the Narochansky region. The resort area is located on the lakeside (about resort’s hotel).

You are welcome to take part in a 4-day program, or become a full-time participant of the 10-day program.

All participants will receive Blue Mountain Institute certificates. The certificate gives you a right to provide Fengshui consultations. Those who already have the certificates will upgrade their level and get the Certificates of Senior Fengshui Consultant.

This retreat consists of 11 workshops, comprising the traditional Form School Fengshui.
We will study how to deal with the environment and inner space, and also practice Qigong exercises every morning, as well as evening meditations with Dr. Hsu.

The 10-day program will be useful both for newcomers and experienced students, for designers and architects, business people and for families and individuals.
It will be possible to have an individual consultation from Dr Hsu.

Your first step to become a participant – please, write to Taras Litvin, Dr Hsu coordinator: taraslit@gmail (

Нарочанский паркSchedule:

Day 1: June 13 (Saturday)
Form Define Energy – The Essence of Feng Shui

A comprehensive review of the traditional Environmental Design based on Natural Laws and Chi-Energy for people with and without feng shui background.

Day 2: June 14 (Sunday)
Living Space Design

Feng Shui for Interior Design:
–Room Layout principle
–Design for main entrance, living room, bedroom, Kitchen, dining room..
–Furnishing and decoration
–Color Design

Day 3 June 15 (Monday)
Yin Yang Theory as the highest living Principle

Day 4: June 16 (Tuesday)
Feng Shui for Successful Business
The nine essential for a successful Business
Ideal Logo Design

Day 5 June 17 (Wednesday)
Chi Energy Workshop
BodyMindChi Health Workshop

Day 6 June 18 (Thursday)
Morning: Lecture on Meditation
Afternoon: Open Forum ( to be determined by popular demand)

Day 7 June 19 (Friday)
Feng Shui Remedy and Case Study
– Dr. Hsu will present Feng Shi Cases of different design around the world.
– Opportunity for student to present their case for discussion.

Day 8 June 20 (Saturday)
Morning: Feng Shui for Food and cooking
– Body, chi, mind, and food
– The four class of food and human living
– Understand food energy via 5-element Theory
– Yin-Yang balanced cooking
– Wholesome and healthy diet

Afternoon: Garden and Landscape design

Day 9 June 21 (Sunday)
Sign and Symbol
Tapping into the secret of human and Natural world.

Day 10: June 22 (Monday)
Course Review

Guidance for Feng Shui Consultation and
Graduation Party

Daily Practice
Morning: Chi-gong exercise
Evening : Question and Discussion
Meditation led by Dr. Hsu

It is possible to take part in a 4-day program (without certificate), or come for the days which are convenient for you.

Please let us know about your participation through email:

To apply and participate in the retreat you will need to fill the application and pay the fee.

The cost of the Program:

1) $890 — full 10-day program participation and payment before May 31.

2) $810 — full 10-day program with a payment before April 22.

3) $790 — for certified consultants of Blue Mountain Institute for the 10-day program with a payment before April 22.

4) $500 — for disabled persons participating in the 10-day program with a payment before April 22.

5) $500 — 4-day program.

6) $450 — 4 -day program with a payment before April 22.

7) $125 — 1 day.

8) free – children under 12 years old (payment only for lodging)

The payment for hotel will proceed separately.

Your first step to become a participant – write to Taras Litvin (Dr Hsu coordinator): taraslit@gmail (

Details on lodging:

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